Elm Tree Project

Preserving Adams Mill Road Elm Trees

Adams Mill Road Elm Tree Project

The Adams Mill Road Elm Tree Project grew out of the loss in 1996 of a massive American elm on the park side of Adams Mill Road, victim of Dutch elm disease.

This disease is spread by the elm bark beetle which carries spores and deposits them into the tree’s xylem and phloem (food and water systems) of the tree thus choking the supply of both these elements. The disease appears first at the upper branches of the tree. It spreads quickly to the rest of the tree and can destroy it in one season.

One way to prevent this disease is to treat healthy trees preventively with a fungicide which wards off the elm bark beetle. Arbortech is used by professional arborists on a semi-annual basis and is injected into the tree’s vascular system with a syringe like bottle attached to a harness. The medium of transport is water, thus giving the tree a drink while at the same time medicating it.

Since 1997, I have raised more than $25,000.00 from home owners, neighbors, residents, associations, businesses, council members, and anyone who would contribute to the treatment program. The semi-annual cost to treat eleven trees is in excess of $4500.00.

Treat yourself to a drive along the 3100 and 3200 blocks of Adams Mill Road, NW, to see for yourself the effect of this treatment program. The District’s arborists help in the process by regularly pruning the 75+ year old specimens.

This program has spread to other parts of the neighborhood and now more than fifty trees are being treated on a regular basis. Fortunately, a disease resistant elm has been found. Thanks in large part to a very generous donation from the Casey Tree Foundation, this disease resistant variety is being planted extensively to replace those we have lost.

Should you wish to help keep the majestic American elms healthy along Adams Mill Road, your contribution made payable to the Mount Pleasant Elm Fund, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, would be most appreciated. Please send to the Adams Mill Road Elm Tree Project, 3225 Adams Mill Road, NW; Washington, DC 20010-1008. I thank you in advance.